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I'm Montanna!
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I am your average gal creating my dreams to live my best life on my terms. I was a bank auditor for 15 years & am obsessed with everything legal & compliance. aside from that my next passion is helping others. so I decided to smash the two together & help you figure out this stuff while you focus on other areas of your business, yourself, your family - the important things in life. so I got this. let me handle the legal + compliance & give you all the deets you need & how to effortlessly take action.
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operating a business is more than finding clients, creating websites & networking. navigating the legal & compliance side of business is a full-time job in itself. that's where I come in. compliance is my jam. I am your personal compliance expert. sharing my expertise & knowledge so you can focus on what you do best & leave the rest to me.

I do compliance while you do you.

The Shop x Complianceology has everything you need as a business owner. We have

done-for-you legal templates, client templates, operational business templates, IG templates & Icons as well as printables. Can't find something you need?


Drop me a note so I can create it for you!

The Blog x complianceology is the heart of resources, knowledge, real-life stories & actionable content.

I give up fully transparent information about my business - my wins & my epic fails. real, honest information. real numbers. real stories - good & embarrassing. I have no shame in my game. you get the full me. 

oh, and that legal + compliance stuff

you came here for as well! the other

stuff is just a bonus.

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