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Universal Contract

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A simple, clean, done-for-you Contract created by a practicing attorney and audited to ensure legal compliance by yours truly. Everyone needs a contract regardless of the project + client. Don't learn the hard way, use a contract every single time.

What you get:

  • Purpose of Agreement
  • Scope of Services
  • Terms & Payment
  • Edits
  • Expenses
  • Timeline
  • Copywrite Ownership
  • Terms of Agreement
  • Cooperation + Client Responsibilities
  • Independent Contractor Status
  • Freedom to Provide Services Elsewhere
  • Use of Assistant's Own Equipment, Materials, Supplies + Tools
  • Assistant's Agents
  • Confidentiality + Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Taxes + Liabilities
  • Termination of Agreement
  • Security
  • Force Majeure
  • Warranties
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnification


Refund requests are not accepted on digital products. Should you have problems with the printable, such as printing, layout, color, etc, contact use so we may help you troubleshoot or replace the file. Once payment has been submitted you will receive your file to download.


Should you make any edits to the legal content, conduct your due diligence to verify the new content is compliant with your local laws. If you do make edits, it is best practice to have the template reviewed for compliance before use. Complianceology would be happy to conduct an independent audit on your behalf. Email care@complianceology.co for further information on this service.

This is not legal or tax advise.

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