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I'm a full blown nerdy-nerd and love reading. My childhood room was filled with books and anytime I got a new book I would have it read in about 2 hours. Now, when I go to the library I check out about 10 books at a time so I don't have to go back every other day.

With Complianceology and Urban Consulting, LLC, I'm super busy and unorganized so I've been using Audible a lot lately. I never thought I'd be an audio book gal, but I really enjoy listening to manifestation books as I'm falling asleep every night.

The books below, in my opinion should you not only read for business, but for you as a person as well. I whole-heartedly feel that owning a business has a lot to do with growth as a person as well.

I originally had like 20 books listed, but I figured I should break it down to a more digestible list. Here we go....


The New Rules for Creating Success & Abundance on Your Terms

Written by: Denise Duffield-Thomas

This book helps you get rid of the guilt that comes with becoming your own boss, freelancer, entrepreneur - whatever you call yourself. You don't have to work 20,000 hours a year to be successful.

Get Rich Lucky Bitch

Release Your Money Blocks & Live a First-Class Life

Written by: Denise Duffield-Thomas

She doesn't hold back, calls you out in the right ways and makes you just get it.

Girl, Stop Apologizing

A Shame-free Plan for Embracing & Achieving Your Goals

Written by: Rachel Hollis

In addition to great advice & content, she is all about transparency aka talks about peeing her pants. I mean, #momlife.

Manifest Now

Written by: Idil Ahmed

I don't know what to say other than I love this book. I've listened to it about 90 times on Audible, and that is not an exaggeration. This is also one of the books I listen to as I fall asleep at night, her voice is beyond soothing.

Profit First

Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

Written by: Mike Michalowicz

This book is mainly business and easy to digest. He claims that "The problem is, businesses are run by humans, and humans aren't always logical." Pretty much sums that up.

The Confidence Creator

Written by: Heather Monahan

If you need a confidence boost whether it's due to a breakup, divorce, unemployment, or navigating entrepreneurship life, this is your book.

Being Boss

Take Control of Your Work & Live Life on Your Own Terms

Written by: Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon

These two managed to create a perfect mix of real-life, humor and business in one book. They also have a great podcast titled Being Boss as well.

The Free Mama

How to Work From Home, Control Your Schedule, & Make More Money

Written by: Lauren Golden

In all honesty, nothing but the truth here. I have the book, but I have not read it yet. BUT, I am apart of her FB group and if it's half as good as she has made her group I could guarantee it will be good.

What You Don't Know About Leadership But Probably Should

Applications to Daily Life

Written by: Jeffrey A. Kottler

Ish you need to know. Period. Seriously, that's it. Go buy or download it.

Check back to see the next round of my book recommendations!! And, sign up for our newsletter to join in on our book of the month beginning September 1st! The book will be announced by August 20th to give you time to borrow it from your local library!

Do you have any recommendations for us you would like to share or that you think should be our book of the month? List them below and I'll be sure to highlight them in future posts & newsletters!

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