Business Podcasts You Needed Yesterday!

I used to wonder how people enjoyed podcasts - IDK why I thought that, seems pretty random, but I did not start listening to podcasts until....maybe 8 months ago....ish.

Now I literally have one playing all day long which is silly because once I've listened to all of their episodes I get pissed off that I have to wait a week (or two) for the next episode. But, that's just how I do, I guess.

These are just a few that I really love to listen to. I can tell within 10 seconds if I'm going to enjoy the podcast and the host so rest assured, these are approved in my eyes!

Unf*ck Your Brain by Kara Loewenthal: OMG, when I found her podcast, my life changed overnight. She is a former lawyer who now teaches thought work. I have never heard anyone explain thoughts and feelings like this and I thank the universe I stumbled upon this podcast. You will not be disappointed. Her podcast is spelled Unf*ck - I did not change it to be PG, that may be one of my top 5 fave words. #sorrynotsorry

Legally Enlighted by Lisa Fraley, JD: If I recall I saw a post from her on FB or someone shared a post of hers, and that's how I found her. She is straight and to the point and touches on all legal items that apply to business owners. Contracts, payments, charge backs, incorporation and more. I probably love this podcast more than the average person because she speaks about what I teach so I overly enjoy it. But, even I have learned knew things from her.

Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher: If you have not heard of Jenna Kutcher, you should be ashamed of yourself. No, no, but still. She is just awesome all around. She has a fun backstory, defines positivity and is true to herself and the epitome of authentic.

I will certainly have a follow up post because I have so many more I want to share with you! What do you listen to? I'm always looking for new ones!

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