Don't hit publish on your website if you don't have these documents

I'm going to be real with you here because I wouldn't be doing my job if I wasn't. This whole business would be a waste of my time.

Now, tell me, why don't you have a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions policy on your website? These are legally required for you to have up and available for your site visitors to read. I'd seriously love someone to answer this question. Not so I can yell at you, I genuinely would like to know...


I know it's beyond exciting setting up a website, picking colors, fonts and themes - putting your special touch on everything, but as a business owner, YOU are responsible for researching what laws apply to you and your business. If someone tries to sue you, you can't just say "I had no idea" and everything goes away. Remember all of the legal and compliance requirements your company had when you were in the corporate world (or if you still are)? Now you get to worry about those things as well.

A few weeks ago I asked a FB group I'm in for a certain field to send me their info because I was looking to hire someone soon. I received about 20-25 emails and only ONE website had disclosures, and, they only had one disclosure, not the 2 minimum required disclosures - yes, there are more than just a Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions Policy that you have to have in certain situations. But for now, we are just talking about these two, as they are the most important.

By having a website, we are responsible for following every law out there (GDPR, CCPA, WCAG, etc) and should be the top items on our list, not months after our website has been published.

Why are these important? We really should be asking why do we think they're not important? This day in age with all of the security and data breaches that happen every other day, we need to have policies and procedures laid out informing our site visitors how the site operates, what information we do and do not collect, why we collect it, what we do with it, what happens if there is a breach or issue, how they can contact you to have their information removed or simply as general questions about your policies. It's simply our professional and ethical responsibility to operate a fully legal and compliant business.

You don't want to be the next business in the news getting sued for a breach and not having adequate disclosures and processes in place. Aside from doing it to be a legal business, unfortunately there are people out there that hunt for things like this to file a complaint and get a payout. And, it's not always big-businesses they are targeting - those big-businesses have expert legal council and sometimes can squash the situation or find major holes in the case and the courts will toss it out...well, I don't have expert legal council on-hand, do you? It's becoming more and more popular to hit small businesses because they're more likely to win and get a payout. Thankfully I am an LLC so my personal life and assets wouldn't be at risk, but those who operate as a sole-prop, you especially need to make sure you have your T's crossed and I's dotted everrrrywhere!

We know these documents are required on your website, you are also required to link your Privacy Policy to your business FB page, your Etsy shop, any e-commerce site you have, etc. Yup, all sorts of other places are required to have it besides your website. If you missed the post about your Facebook page and your privacy policy, check it out here.

There is NO legit excuse you could tell me as to why you don't have these documents. None. Money, time, confusion - nothing. This is your business and these are your responsibilities now. You have got to know what legal items apply to your business.

This was my reason on starting Complianceology - I love the legal/compliance stuff and I know that it can be hard to figure out what applies and what doesn't. You may think it's boring, confusing, a waste of time, not that important - but it is.

You can head over to The Shop and get both of these documents right now. Delivered right to your email and only require you to input a few pieces of information like your business name, website name, email, etc. Super basic things and that is it. It's good to go - you can make them super pretty or just a plain PDF document. You get a Canva version and a Word version.

It doesn't matter what they look like. Just get them up!!

Use the code EMPOWER for 20% off your order and sign up for our newsletter so you know when I've posted new information about the legal/compliance business world. This is one newsletter you need to have. I lay out every single thing for you. What you need, where you need it, why you need it and a place to get it! All of the legal documents at The Shop are created by a lawyer and audited by yours truly. You can guarantee what you buy is legally compliant and not some random words thrown onto a page you downloaded from Google.



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