Freelancer Gift Guide: Electronics

Electronics are really the livelihood of freelancers...well, for everyone really...I'm pretty proud of this roundup. After doing this for almost 3 years I've learned what I really can't live without and I included a few things that are next up on my to-buy list. Again, to see all of my other electronic picks, head to my Amazon Freelancer Gift Guide.

Hp Printer: You may not think that every freelancer would need a printer based on the work they do, but you never know when one will come in handy, whether it's for business or personal reasons. I recommend printing certain legal items such as contracts, NDAs, your incorporation documents, etc. Tech can be great or horrible, random computer crashes and missing documents. These items should be treated just like your social security card, passport, marriage certificate, adoption papers, etc. It's best to have a hard copy as back up. Oh, and I've been creating my own graphics and printing them to use as art in my home! So fun, easy and FREE!!

Label maker: I find it harder to stay organized at home than when I was in the corporate world. I'm not too sure this label maker has turned into my bestie and is keeping me organized to the best of its ability.

Wifi range extender: Now you can work from anywhere in your house. Even in the garage to get some peace and quiet!

Wireless earbuds with built-in mic: If you can keep track of small things, or don't have dogs that seem to get ahold of everything expensive you own and prefer a sleek and invisible, these are for you.

Ring light: It may seem kind of silly and ostentatious, but these things are very helpful. Whether you need to take your own brand photos, record videos and webinars...if you're not a pro it's hard to determine when is the right time to do these tasks in the right light. This takes the guess work out!

Wireless keyboard and mouse: This gift is especially great if the freelancer in your life works on a laptop. Laptop keyboards are not always the friendliest on our hands and sometimes you just need a gosh dang mouse!!

Poster trainer/back corrector: We all need this considering we're hunched over at our computers all day and leaning down looking at our phones.

Noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones with mic: Pretty much a 100% necessity for conference calls...or to blur out your screaming kids in the background. (lol)

3 in 1 USB flash drive: This little guy is a thumb drive, photo stick, and a Type-C adaptor. Meaning it's a normal thumb drive but you and also plug it into your iPhone or Android and move anything you need to from your phone to your computer and back again.

Happy shopping!



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