Freelancers Gift Guide: Gift Cards

We are down to the wire to pick up Christmas gifts, so I've rounded up some great programs that every freelancer needs to operate their business that you can easily grab a gift card for and/or buy a subscription to.

I currently use all of these programs minus one, but I have used it before. Now, each other these programs have free versions that are all amazing, but we all know that sometimes that one stinkin' feature you need or want is in the paid plan.

Here we go:


Crella: Crella is your one-stop-shop for quality graphics, website themes, fonts, mockups, presets, resumes, business cards, etc etc etc. The monthly subscription is $29 and you have access to over 11,829 products to download with no extra charge - the approximate value is over $132,340. The subscription also includes the licenses to those downloads which is HUGE. No worries of "Am I using these legally...?" You can buy an annual subscription for $288.

Canva: Every single freelancer needs Canva whether they offer design services or not. I do not offer design services and I use Canva daily. Canva allows you to create any type of design, graphic, printable, flier, social media graphics, business cards, pitch deck, T-shirt and SO much more. If they don't have a template for it, you can create your own dimension and design ANYTHING. They also offer free stock photos, graphics, you can upload your own fonts, and share your work with your team and remove backgrounds. The Pro version is $12.95/mo or $119.40 annually.

Calendly: Calendly is an online scheduling tool and makes freelancers life so much easier. No more back and forth emails of "When is a good time for you?" Direct your potential clients and current clients directly to your scheduling page, add your personal scheduling link to your website, email, social media pages, business cards - anywhere you want to. It links up with your iCloud/Google calendar (and others) and automatically adds a scheduled event to your calendar for you, sends reminders to the other participant, it adjusts your availability based on the calendar you link it up to so you don't have to worry about editing it if you are out of the office on a certain day, text reminders and frankly, it just makes you look legit. Monthly plans start at $10 and annual plans start at $96.

ClickUp: ClickUp is my JAM! I'd be s stumbling fool without it. It's a project management system, a to-do list, a client management system, set goals, time track, lets you easily collaborate with your staff, allows client portals, links with almost any other application so that you can create one "task" and it will signal the other applications to create the corresponding item needed. Monthly plans start at $18 and annual plans start at $60.

G Suite: Email for businesses. Grab your business domain and link it to G Suite so you no longer look unprofessional using a basic @gmail account. Monthly plans are as low as $6 and annually as low as $72.

MailChimp: Marketing made easy. Send professional, unique and fun email campaigns and marketing emails to your audience, track analytics, understand your audience, signup links, create landing pages and more. Monthly: As low as $9.99.

Teachable: Whether the freelancer in your life wants to sell courses, or take courses to perfect their skills or add new ones, teachable is a great platform to do either. Monthly: As low as $39 Annually: As low as $348 - those prices are to sell courses, signing up as a student varies per course.

Shopify: Create a website, blog, e-commerce store, whatever their heart desires. Monthly: As low as $29.

Quickbooks: QB is an accounting system and payment processing platform in one. Personally, I do not use QB, I use WaveApps, but QB is popular as well and one of the only platforms with a fee - which really isn't great since there are free options that are just as good, if not better. But hey, to each their own. Monthly: As low as $4 (current promotion), otherwise as low as $15. Lynda is similar to teachable but with a wilder course library and as far as I know you cannot sell your own courses. Lynda is not only great for the business world but is a major resource for schools and universities. Monthly: As low as $25.

Zoom: Zoom is a conference call/webinar platform in one. It allows you to video chat, or just audio chat, records the call/video, host webinars and trainings and more. But, one thing I really love about Zoom is that I have no need to have a business phone number. Yup, I do not have a business phone number, never have and most likely never will. All of my calls are scheduled and conducted on this platform. Conversations with my clients and potential clients require my full attention and I cannot guarantee that if I don't know when someone will call me. Unscheduled calls get me off track, take away from my other clients and projects and make my schedule all over the place and can possibly interrupt (or make me late) for scheduled calls. I talk about how I make not having a business phone number work here. Monthly: As low as $14.99

PicMonkey: Same concept as Canva, but has the features Canva does not. Monthly: As low as $7.99 Annually: As low as $72

The Shop x Complianceology: How do I NOT include The Shop in this list!?! I'd be a pretty damn bad business owner...The Shop has lawyer drafter and licensed auditor audited legal documents (contracts, NDAs, non-compete, the exact website policies created for Kardashian Kloset and more), business and client templates and checklists, social media templates, IG Highlights Icons, Quote, and Art Printables and more. Gift cards begin at $25 and can be snagged here.

Happy shopping and I sincerely hope you all have an amazing holiday season!



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