• Montanna Washburn

How To Edit Canva Templates!

I love using Canva! It's my go to for template creation, but when you are new to the platform it can be a little tricky to navigate. Since most of the templates we offer will be editable in Canva I thought a quick tutorial would be in order.

First and foremost --- We provide you with original master files in Canva. Meaning that every change will affect the design and experience of other users.


Otherwise, you’ll lose all the changes you make, photos and other design elements.

To protect everyone's enjoyment of each template, please MAKE A COPY and USE THAT COPY. Just go to FILE or DESIGN on the upper left corner of your Canva menu and select MAKE A COPY. Changes to the original templates will be DELETED.

1 — Start by browsing the different options available in Canva. Canva's templates, elements, text, background, uploads, folders, and apps. Find your brand themes and get started.

2 — Look at the file information, you can see the print margins, print bleed area, and even make a copy.

3 — Undo or redo an action is located at the top of the screen if you ever need to go back.

4 — Rename the design to help it standout in your designs.

5 — Share the design, invite others to view or edit. If you are working with a team on how you would like the final product to look and to make sure it suits your branding, this is an awesome feature!

6 — Download the complete design or select pages, choose the file type you want your design to be. You can pick from a variety of options. PDF, PNG, JPG, and Animated.

7 — Publish or export the design, print it, see it as a presentation. Pick the option that works best for you.

8 — Search for help, tips, tutorials, keyboard shortcuts, and other features. Canva is very user friendly and has a great support system to make streamlining your templates a breeze.

9 — View the design zoomed in or zoomed out, preview in full screen mode. This is a wonderful way to look at the product, this way you can make sure everything is lined up the way you want.

10 — Select page settings, rename the page, add a new page, copy page, move the page up or down, add notes or delete a page. If you need a duplicate of any template page you can copy the page and the layout is all set for you!

Now that you have made all the edits to the document head on over to PDFscape! PDFscape allows for the document to become and a fill-able PDF.

Use the FREE online version of PDFscape to upload the PDF file.

Once uploaded look through the document to the areas you need to be fill-able. PDFscape even allows for you to make check boxes, text boxes, and more by using the "Form Field" area to select the appropriate field.

Once you have made all the changes to the document download the updated file and you are good to go!

I hope this helps you with your Canva Templates and how in a few easy steps they can made made into beautiful custom PDF files.

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