How To Legally Accept Zelle Payments For Your Business

Yup, another platform that businesses can now start using to accept payments that were originally prohibited. Now, just like Venmo, you have to ensure you follow their requirements to be using the platform legally, but it is easier than Venmo's. If you haven't read our blog about Venmo Business, check it out here.


Bank Account: You must be using a business bank account with a bank that offers Zelle (not all banks do) Using a personal account for Zelle transactions for your business violates their terms and you will be banned from Zelle and possibly the bank since they specifically partner with banks to offer this service for business.

Fees: The processing fee is determined by the bank you are using with Zelle

How Customers Pay: They will use the Zelle app or their mobile banking app to send you money or you will request the money from them via the same method. There is not a way to add a Zelle payment option on your website.

Terms: Both Zelle and your bank's terms and conditions apply to the transactions.

Setup: You will open a business bank account with a participating Zelle bank. Surprisingly I could not find a list of banks on Zelle's site, but some I am aware of are U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase.

This may be an exciting new option for some businesses, but I personally would not recommend it at this time. The main reason being is that there is not an invoice or official receipt provided. Invoices are imperative for businesses and can be turned into an argument in a legal situation if there was not one provided to the client. While the customer would be provided a transfer confirmation, that is all it is, it does not stipulate that it is a receipt for XYZ services. This could possibly cause accounting issues or issues with a financial or IRS audit.

I'm sure at some point they will make enhancements for businesses, it would be insane for them not to, but until then...I'd stick with actual payment processing systems such as Wave, QB, PayPal, etc.


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