Sole-Proprietor training - BETA TESTERS needed!!

Here ye, here ye! Complianceology is launching our first training tailored to filing as a Sole-Proprietor and I am in need of Beta Testers prior to the official launch.

Celebrate good times!

Beta Testers will get the FULL course, $30 off and more. But, what exactly does the course include?

~We will start at step 0 and review what exactly a Sole-Proprietor is, what the pros and cons are in relation to operating as a Sole-prop, what it means for you as a person and for your business, requirements that come with being a Sole-prop and more.

~I will provide you and review the EXACT forms and links you need specific to YOUR state, nothing generic!!

~We will talk about how to complete the forms and where to file them

~Review filing fees, again specific to YOUR state/city/county

~Review pros and cons by obtaining an EIN

~Break down business banking and what you need to do

~Freebies + Discount codes for other services!

When the course goes live and is available to everyone, it will be priced around $39.99, but the true value is $150+. How? Well, my hourly rate alone is $150 and you will be working 1:1 with me directly.

Back to the fun stuff, I am seeking 5-10 Beta Testers - if you are selected you will receive the FULL course, I don't leave anything out and the course will be discounted to $9.99 if you are selected. In reality, I'm basically giving this course away for free - beta tester or not.

To apply, please complete the application here and I will be reaching out to those selected beginning next week (week of Oct 7). The application will be available for 2 full weeks, so don't worry if you see this the week of the 7th or a bit later, I am just trying to get a jump on things.

Now, hurry up! Head over here to submit your app!!

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