The 12 apps I use to keep me sane

I'm sure you've realized now that being a freelancer you are responsible for 90 million things all at the exact same moment. Juggling this with that, responding to him and her, networking on 5 different social media sites, tracking sales....and well, I could go on and on.

Today I am sharing the apps I use to keep me sane, on-task, thinking positive thoughts and more. I'm not typically an app junkie, I love pen/paper and am a slave to the few apps I've always used, like FB, IG, Target, Amazon, Pinterest, bank apps and that is about it. But, I find myself looking for new apps more and more. All of the apps I am sharing are free, I have yet to find an app that I love so much I'd pay for it.

Here are the ones I didn't delete from my phone after 2 uses:

Minimalist - This is a note keeper/to-do list app. I'm a pretty simple person and don't need or want a lot of bells and whistles with these types of apps. If I cannot get to a pen/paper I need the app to be just as simple and basic as a pen/paper. I get overwhelmed easily and end up not using some apps if it's too much. You can set alarms, get notifications and I'm sure there are more features, but like I said I keep it as simple as possible.

ClickUp - This is the project management system I use and it's nice that I can upload a screenshot, set a task, communicate with my VA, etc without having to sign onto my computer at 2:00 am when all of those thoughts and ideas are filling my brain.

Chill - This app sends about 3 notifications a day of short mindfulness quote and/or tasks and they always seem to come at the right time. One message I received today was, "Is your mind running in circles?" (Why yes it is) "Take a deep breath, and bring you attention fully to that breath." It really helps me refocus and cut my anxiety.

Motivation - Similar to Chill, Motivation sends notification throughout the day of various quotes to your thoughts positive, cut stress and anxiety, see something in a different light and to stop obsessing over a client email that sounded rude. One of today's messages was "Make a commitment to having fun. See your best friends and make time for your hobbies and passions." as well as "When life puts you in tough situations, don't say "Why me" say "Try me".

Azlo - Azlo is the business bank I use and if I learned one thing from being in banking for 15 years is to check your account(s) daily, even if it's just 1x. It doesn't matter if you have $1 million in the bank or $1. You have to be on top of where your money is going, coming in from, ensuring transactions are correct, no fraud has occurred since you looked at your account yesterday, etc.

Podcast App - I listen to podcasts almost 24 hours a day. Mostly it is True Crime during the day and self-help, self-care, motivational, business during the evening/night.

Audible - I used to HATE audio books but now I am utterly obsessed. Owning 2 businesses, having a family, taking care of my health issues and general day-to-day life I don't have as much time as I once had to sit and read a whole book. I'll throw on a business book in the evening and a self-help, self-care, motivational book at night and fall asleep to it.

Amazon Music - Pretty self-explanatory here. Music gives everyone a boost and a positive attitude. I'm not sure why I switched to Amazon music about 2 years ago, but here I am still using it. If I really can't get out of a funk or am not "feeling" it one day, turning on music always turns it around!

Etsy - I try to buy handmade and small business whenever I can. I will get client gifts from Etsy, thank you gifts to those that have made referrals to me, art printables, jewelry and more.

Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar - These are also pretty self-explanatory, but in my old age (lol) I have to have a million calendars to remember appointments. If I don't, it's not happening, period.

I don't really check my email on my phone,

but I like to have the app available if I need it.

Zoom - I have yet to take a call via Zoom on my phone, I always conduct them from my computer, but again, if I need it, I have it.

FB Messenger - SO much communication happens here now. I used to hate it, I kind of do still in a sense, but it really is the best form of communication if someone wants to follow up about something from one of my posts or comments, or if they were referred to me and that person didn't give them my direct contact info for whatever reason, etc.

So there you have it. No bells and whistle or pages and pages of apps, but what I do have is very helpful to me. What apps do you use? Any recommendations that I'm not already using?



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