Three Ways To Make Your Social Media Accessible & Inclusive To All

Does your social media strategy include was to ensure you are inclusive to all of your followers, aka those with disabilities specifically those with vision and hearing impairments? It's okay if it doesn't because it will after you're done reading this blog.

I'm going to tell you, and show you 3 very easy things you can do to give all of your followers a great experience when they visit your page and watch your stories. It's actually insane how easy these things are and they will only add 30-60 seconds to what you are doing now if that.

1. #Hashtags. This step is by far the easiest and does not add any extra time as you are typing out the hashtag anyway. When you are writing a hashtag that has more than one word in it, capitalize the first letter of each new word.

For those that use screen readers, they cannot accurately read the hashtag when it's all lower case. It comes out as a jumbled mess and that's even if the screen reader actually attempts to read it. By capitalizing each new word it allows the screen reader to now read it as intended, not to mention, it's simply easier for all of us to read by doing it this way.


2. Alt-text Add alt-text to all of your photos (even on your website, but we'll get to that in another post). A screen reader will describe the image to those with vision impairment to give them as close to the full experience of your post as possible. This is especially helpful if the image is the most relevant part of the post if the caption doesn't really relate to the photo, if the photo is a quote that is not also written in the caption or if you don't write a caption at all or just use an emoji. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to add alt-tags for both FB and IG.

Feel free to save or pin the images and share them with others!

3. How is someone with hearing impairment able to watch but more importantly hear your stories? Well, they can't. And we all know that stories are basically the main point of social media these days and we have all immediately lost an entire group and cut them off from a very fun part of the whole experience we are trying to give our followers. You can write your own subtitle and some of us do that, but more often than not, it is a brief sentence or two, we likely won't have enough room on the slide to write everything we have said and by summarizing it you're losing out on the whole experience - literally the whole point of being inclusive and giving those as close to the full experience that others get to the best of our ability.

Thankfully there are now several apps available that will transcribe your words as you are recording your story! Boom! You only have to spend a few minutes downloading an app, linking it to your profile and it does the rest as you are recording. This is literally a no-brainer. These two seem to be the most popular right now, Clipomatic and Clips.

Wow, how easy is that! Not only are you promoting inclusivity to all, implementing procedures that will soon all be required and the norm, but you now have just introduced yourself to a whole new demographic and you know that you will be recommended to others because you are now one of the few that are looking out for them! It's literally a win-win for all, but more importantly those with any type of impairment.

Note: Alt-text is required on all websites and there are many more website

requirements that I will talk about in future posts.


Let's be social!

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Date posted: July 11, 2020

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