Where Are You Required To Display "LLC"?

Forming your LLC and deciding on a name is both exciting and utterly terrifying. It’s one of the first steps in creating your brand and your vision. It may take you months and a few name changes if you are anything like me.

First, all state's require that you use the exact abbreviation you filed as. Let's say I filed as Complianceology, LLC, I have to always use "LLC", if I filed as Complianceology L.L.C, I have to always use "L.L.C".

Some states, like California, will have an option when filing to mark which abbreviation you will be using. Those states that don't have a clear option will go off of what you have written on the form. If I wrote L.L.C., again that is how Complianceology will have to be displayed.

Urban Consulting, LLC Business Cards

Business Cards, stationary, envelopes, marketing materials, etc.?

Not legally required.

Contracts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payroll, 1099s, W-4s, ACH Authorization Forms, etc.?

Always! Not only is it legally required but not doing so could muddle the water in a legal situation by not clearly and consistently displaying an entity. An expert lawyer could argue the fact that you signed the contract as an individual and not an LLC thus possibly putting your personal assets at risk, which defeats the main purpose of becoming an LLC.

Website & other Social Media Sites?

Yes and no. The laws are not very clear yet if you legally have to display LLC on your website, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. My personal opinion and the opinion of lawyers I have spoken with you should include it somewhere at least 1 time. For your website you can simply put it in the footer, FB you can put it in the About section, etc.


Business Checks

Checks do not have any legal requirements around the payors information in the top left corner. As a Former Bank Auditor go ahead and include it.

Welcome Packet, General Client/Employee Onboarding Documents, etc.

Not legally required.

Payment processing descriptions

This is the description clients see on their bank statements. ($20 to Complianceology, $45 to ATT) Some payment processing platforms do not give you the option to edit this, but PayPal does, but it is not required. I, personally, do not display LLC on PayPal.

Directory Services: Phone book, Yelp, Chamber of Commerce Directories, etc.

Not legally required.

Logo or Favicon

Not legally required. I, personally, do not display LLC on any of my logos for Complianceology or Urban Consulting, LLC.

Don't want to have LLC in your name?

Using the “LLC” in your business name does have several advantages as you start your business. First of all, this shows potential customers that you have registered your business with your state and that you are a reputable and legitimate business. Secondly, the LLC in your business name informs clients and customers that your company is a separate legal entity and that legally they’re dealing with an entity and not with you personally.

If you do not want to display "LLC" you will file a DBA, which is a trade name or fictitious name with your state. By doing this, I can simply use Complianceology and not Complianceology, LLC. This does not affect your personal asset protection in any way. This also does not create a separate entity.

Now that we know where "LLC" has to be displayed take a moment to review these items you have for your business to make sure you have it whereva you need it!

>> This post is informational and educational only and is not legal advice, nor does it create a consultant-client relationship. Please consult your legal counsel for further

guidance on this topic. <<

>>Read our legal disclaimer here.<<

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